Monday, 10 February 2014

Thought for the day

After a Pinterest stalk for my quote diary tonight, I came across this lovely poem, and it made me think (and smile) and I thought I'd like to share it with you :-)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Boys, bars and books

One thing I didn't mention about last weekend was my first "proper" night out since turning 18 months ago! With a gal pal and a boy friend, we hit up a smaller town just for a bit of a bar crawl and later a nightclub. 

So far, so usual right?
Well after being picked up by our best friend and her boyfriend, we teetered out of the car into Asda. Yes, the supermarket ;-) So far, not too weird. Then, at the first bar we enter, the bouncer tells me "it's drum and bass night tonight until half 10." None of us are particularly drum and bass fans but we nod and enter anyway, to find a dance floor of men in track suits "skanking" whilst another queue of men are freestyling on a mic...I personally think that freestyling is a huge talent, but spending my Saturday night in a bar of men trying to do so was not ideal. (Also may I add that we were the only two females in said bar except for a handful who looked like they enjoyed drum an bass far more than us). 

After one drink, we went to Wetherspoons. And this one was particularly beautiful with balconies and (unfortunately for my feet), lots of stairs. There we had pitchers and shots and began to feel quite merry. This then led to my gal pal betting me £10 (during our 4th loo break) that I wouldn't kiss our male friend, of whom I decided I could definitely get a kiss out of by the end of the night! Staggering out of Wetherspoons and down the cobbled high street, he, being very gentlemanly, linked arms with me and guided me down the roads. 

After a bizarre Tumblr-esque photo shoot on the beach, (I'll post them when they're developed), we finally made it to the club, where the real chaos began. Wandering straight into an empty club, we downed more J├Ągerbombs and headed for a booth, where a local oddball befriended us. This was hilarious yet terrifying, especially when they insisted on taking photographs with us?! As my friend bought us drinks and I leant in to whisper about our friend's brother entering the club, my buddy leant in and kissed me, taking me entirely by surprise and leading to me nudging my pal at the bar. This kissing happened plenty more throughout the night and led to him calling me his "girlfriend for the night" to our taxi driver (aka our friend)...who then sprung on me that another boy from school likes me! 

All of these boys suddenly popping up is very fun for once as it's nothing serious and the odd kiss and flirt won't harm anyone! Yet, leading to the 3rd "b" in my title, I'm trying to focus on books :( yes, school books! Exams are suddenly super close and I feel a bit panicky so I'm limiting my eBaying and leisurely 2 hour baths ;-)

Anyone else had weird nights out recently?! Let me know :-)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Better Things

Wooooow it's been a crazy January (how on earth is it over?!) my gym motivation is still here, and I'm feeling really, really good! I'm off to visit my older sister for the weekend at the end of February for a well deserved night out ;-) 

I've finished Orange is the New Black on Netflix and now I'm just waiting for the next season...I feel ready for this new season of my life too!! Being single is underrated, and although I wish I could share some experiences with a boyfriend, my best friends have recently shown me just how wonderful single life can be: nacho nights, vodka slushies, hilariously tragic club nights, independent women playlists, disposable camera photos,
games of frustration and deep and meaningful chats whilst eating cake has definitely helped ;-) boys are the least of my worries for once, with nobody on the horizon I can do as I please, spend my money however I wish, and I can waste my Saturdays in bed with Netflix and no duvet hoggers ;-)

I love dog walks

Celebrating my first McDonald's foray in a month

The beautiful henna! (Mine is the middle left hand)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Making the most of my time on Earth

So nearly 12 days into 2014 (where did that go?!) and my gym efforts are still going, plus I've made it eleven whole days without fast food (anyone who knows me will understand that this is a huuuge feat for me), and I think I can safely say that 2014 for me is going to be the year of Netflix. I love it. 

I plan to spend as much of the dreary winter months that are still to come watching as many series as I can get into, I watched "Samantha Who?" in 3 days (surprisingly funny and touching FYI) and re-watched Him & Her which I love anyway...the amount of movies is just crazy haha, I've relived a few childhood classics, finally watched Catfish the Movie (which freaked me out), and obviously Breaking Bad because I'm a little bit in love with Aaron Paul (Jesse) and have caught the BB fever that's gripped everyone in the last year or so! My favourite Gossip Girl is on there so I no longer need to dig through my DVDs, I can watch all of my favourite sad episodes and have a good sob ;-) 

I sound like I work for them don't I?! Unfortunately I am trying my hardest not to waste too much money on clothes I don't wear (I am the queen of overflowing wardrobes), and so have begun to eBay! Another new obsession haha, and it's helping to fund my summer trip to Europe...which is getting super exciting because this arrived for me today!! 
you can buy it here:

Unfortunately I haven't bumped into the beautiful boy again just yet, but a girl can hope ;-) If anyone has any tips on how to snare him I would be most grateful ;-) and if anybody has tips on travelling (anywhere, not just Europe) I would looooove to hear them!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, thundercloud?

So 2014 has begun wonderfully!
New Year's Eve was lovely, I managed to get so drunk I got carried to a bathtub, danced to No Scrubs and Ignition at midnight, and then I spent New Year's Day with Netflix and my banging headache...However it just got a lot better, as I pulled up outside my house, got out of my car and was greeted by the most beautiful boy that I have ever seen waving at me..."Who was he?" I hear you ask, and well, I don't know him that well, but he is my neighbours son and seems very charming ;-) I suddenly have the urge to go and invite him for a drink, but maybe that's inappropriate at 2pm on a Friday...? I've also gotten back into the gym fiiiinally, and have been 3 times in as many days! *Happy face*
I'm off out for a Mexican and cocktails tonight to celebrate two of my friends' birthdays, so maybe I'll bump into the son as I'm leaving! ;-)

My best Gillian McKeith impression, being carried to a bathtub

Classic hangover snapchat

Peaceful in the tub

My friend's wonderful mother cooked us pizza and nuggets at 3am...

The best way to spend New Year's Day!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Knocks You Down

So it's somehow been 4 months since I wrote a post which is just crazy, where has the time gone?! 

August was a huge family holiday to the beautiful Malta, September was my birthday, when I had a lovely Mexican meal with my favourite people, October was a trip to Birmingham's Bull Ring shopping centre, a weekend away with my boyfriend, and seeing Bowling For Soup live, November was the Winter Ball and seeing the Editors live, and then December was the worst month (minus Christmas!) and my boyfriend broke up, and school suddenly increased in pressure by about a hundred times, but after a week of lots of sleep, lots of Netflix, and lots of time (and eating) with my best friend and family, I am feeling much happier :) 

After lots of reflecting on 2013, (and rereading of this blog), I've decided more regular updates are a must, especially because I have the most exciting trip across Europe planned and want to share it with everyone! 

Happy New Year, I hope 2014 is wonderful!

A lot of time has been spent with Larry the Lamb and Netflix...

Made by yours truly (with some help from friends of course!)

My companion throughout the evenings of crying and watching sad Gossip Girl episodes...

Beautiful, sunny Malta (I think we could all do with this now, during England's winter!)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Heaven Is A Place, No One Lied

August's Playlist already!? I've finally passed my driving test, yippeeeeee! So these reflect that ;-)

1. Jack Penate - No one lied
2. Sophie - Bipp (I am obsessed!!)
3. Alex Winston - Sister Wife
4. New Found Glory - Crazy for You
5. Ron Pope - Our Song
6. The Drums - Down by the water
7. Arcade Fire - Haiti
8. Noah and the Whale - Five Years Time
9. Kate Nash - Paris
10. Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend